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Our Curriculum

WBECA Discovery Curriculum

All of our schools currently teach from the WBECA Discovery Curriculum which is approved by Baptist Association NSW and ACT.

The WBCEA Discovery Curriculum is modelled on the new DEC NESSA format and allows SRE teachers to teach meaningful, relevant and appropriate programs in their schools. The curriculum aims to gives students the opportunity to gain an understanding of the basics of the Christian faith and discover how people apply faith to everyday life. It affords students the opportunity to ask meaningful questions about ways faith impacts peoples’ beliefs, values and identity.

We believe the Bible and the Christian faith are significant influences on our western culture, influencing our legal system, literature, art, music, language, history and traditions. A basic understanding of the Christian faith allows students to explore how modern Australia has been, in part, shaped by our Christian cultural heritage.

The Scope and Sequence document gives a good example of the content taught in SRE lessons week to week.

If you have questions or would like more information about this curriculum, please contact us.