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Sara Cooper - Warners Bay High

Sara Cooper is a qualified NSW teacher with a strong background at Warners Bay High School. She graduated from Warners Bay High School in 2005 before going on to study teaching and fine art at Newcastle University. While studying Sara volunteered in the Canteen at the school for 4 years. After completing her degree in 2009 Sara returned to Warners Bay High School regularly as a casual teacher.

Warners Bay High School was also where she meet her now husband Andrew Cooper, back in their senior years of High School. They married in 2012 and now also help run “Fuse”; a youth group for teenagers from Yr7 to Yr10 at Warners Bay Baptist Church. Sara has been a regular attendant at Warners Bay Baptist since 2004.

Sara is currently teaching Special Religious Education at Warners Bay High School two days a week and studying a Diploma of Ministry through Morling Collage via distance education. Special Religious Education at Warners Bay High School currently runs only in Y7. Student come down to our specially built classroom one period a week for a high energy, interactive and educational lesson about Christian principles and the relevance this has to them as 21st Century teenagers.

Lysander Lawrence - West Wallsend High

Hi there my name is Lysander Lawrence I am an Scripture teacher at West Wallsend High for years 7-10.

For many years now I have been working as a youth worker and Scripture teacher, in fact this will be the 8th year that I have been teaching Scripture in high schools all across the Hunter. Believe it or not our Scripture classes and seminars are actually fun! Time and time again students have provided feedback stating that they have really enjoyed what has been presented.

Teaching what is common across the denominational spectrum, scripture lessons are engaging, relevant and thought provoking as we make use of short video clips, interactive games as well as special groups such as World Vision, Jesus Racing or Compassion Australia. Whether religiously minded our not, students are given the opportunity to ask questions, explore and learn for themselves what it is exactly that others believe.

All across the Hunter many schools have found a professional SRE program to be a valued part of their schools curriculum and overall educational experience.

Looking forward to meeting you all - Lysander

Adelina Staples - Glendale Technology High & Cardiff High

Hi, my name is Adelina Staples and I am the Scripture (SRE) teacher at Glendale Technology High and Cardiff High Schools. I have been working in Christian ministry for 30 years and also have an additional qualification in counselling. I have a special interest in young people and have developed curriculums and programs for youth groups and a variety of children's ministries. I have multicultural teaching experience due to the five years I lived with my family in India.

I have taught SRE in WA and NSW for around eight years and love to draw from my extensive experience to offer lessons that are fun and relevant. Using the approved curriculum, I allow for the varied learning styles of the students by using group activities/discussion, short video clips, games and a variety of other sources to create interesting and thought provoking lessons.

I believe religious instruction is vitally important for all students regardless of their personal faith. Having the opportunity to have a clear presentation of the Christian teaching, (from a common denominational spectrum), which is offered in a safe classroom environment, offers students the chance to ask questions and grow in understanding, which fosters a more tolerant attitude towards others.

I receive positive feedback from students, and regular class teachers, as to the positive influence these classes are having on individuals, and the school as a whole.
The Special Religious Education program at Glendale & Cardiff is currently offered to all Year 7 students for one period a fortnight.

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